Will speak at SQLSaturday Gothenburg and Cambridge

sqlsat433_headerI feel very humble and proud to have been chosen to speak at the very first SQLSaturday in Sweden, the event will be held i Gothenburg and the #SQLfamily there is dong a great job on the event.

SQLSaturday #433 Gothenburg 2015, will take place september 5th. and there will be a great many sessions – my session will be a brand new one. I will be speaking about new features in SQL Server 2016, particularly about Temporal Data Tables, a new feature in the upcoming SQL Server, that allows you to store historical data, without doing any custom code at all.

I’m looking very much forward to give a brand new speak on a topic that I find very interesting and more in the DBA track than BI track.

I hope to meet many of the #sqlfamily and making a great many new contacts in Sweden, so see you in Gothenburg start september.

Earlier this summer I got the message from  that SQLSaturday Cambridge had chosen my session on “Automatic Azure Big Data Solution  Deployment” – I was very thrilled to give this session in Cambridge, but I had to cancel due to conflict in my work schedule. A few weeks went by, and to my luck the work schedule was cleared, and I told Mark, that if they still wanted me or had an open slot – I was now able to attend and give my speak. There was an open slot and Mark gave it to me, so now I am going to Cambridge as well.

Looking forward to be giving my first speak in the UK, and hope to have a larger crowd for this session than i could manage in New York, where I had the grave yard shift 😉

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