Thoughts on the meeting in SQLSUG tonight

51kvINuszQL._SY300_I had taken upon me the task to present the new feature in SQL 2016 called System_Versioned tables. This feature is a implementation of temporal tables, and gives the database owner, or application the ability to look at how data looked at a point in time. But this is not the point that I really want to talk about, no the really cool thing about this nights meeting, is actually that I learned something that I didn’t know beforehand.

During my presentation, we had a good discussion about the various use cases for System_versioned, and we tested various scenarios

  • Non-Updates, and update where data is not updated?
  • What happens to History Table, if we delete attributes from Current Table?
  • WHat happens, if we add a new attribute
    • With default value
    • and without

These questions got answered, but what I really liked was the input I got from Peter Gram ( L ), who told me a lot about the deeper meaning and concept of Temporal Tables. And I am happy that I learned new stuff today – and to pinpoint what Peter was talking about, he asked us to Google Temporal and Snodgrass where you can find a link for this book “Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL” which will give the reader a comprehensible knowledge about both the concept and the use of Temporal Tables.

And to sum it up, this is the main purpose of these meetings in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, with peers from the community.

I wish for the community and SQLSUG in particular, that many more will gain interest for our meetings and join the meetings 🙂

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