The Know It. Prove It. Challenge

kipi-twitter-1The Know It. Prove It. Challenge: Join the 28 day challenge to rock your tech skills

Ready to accelerate your tech skills? Then accept the Know It. Prove It. challenge (KiPi), a month-long global learning challenge for IT pros, developers, and students!

During this month-long learning challenge, you’ll earn badges and points, compete against other learning challenges, and best of all, learn the real-world skills that can make an impact in your job and career. The challenge kicks off throughout February and it’s easy to get started!

I myself have signed up for the Sharepoint and Hybrid Cloud challenges, and I know that a lot of my colleagues  have signed up as well.

1. Choose your Know It. Prove It. learning challenge

To start the Know It. Prove It. challenge, select one of eight learning challenges right for you on


2. Jam on your skills anywhere

Once you’ve chosen your learning challenge, you’ll have access to training modules to help you gain the skills you want to learn. Each one takes about an hour to complete and were created by technology experts to help you quickly build the understanding you need. Just log in from wherever you are and start jamming on your skills.

3. Assemble your community band

During the Know It. Prove It. challenge, you’ll also have an opportunity to connect with others just like you who are looking to accelerate their tech skills and this starts by completing your profile. After that, you’ll be able to track your progress, share your experiences with other members in the KiPi community. You’ll also receive badges and points, compete against others, and get encouragement to help keep you moving forward!

No matter who you are – an IT pro, a developer, or a student – there’s a topic you can add to your skillset and the Know It. Prove It. challenge is just the way to get there.

To accept the Know It. Prove It. challenge, go to and make February the month you rock your tech skills!

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As you can see, there is already a lot of people signed up for this challenge, so jump in and give your knowledge a boost.

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