Tech-talk at Rehfeld – new features in SQL 2016

BackgroundJoin me at Rehfeld for a Tech-Talk on new features in SQL 2016

I will be giving a condensed version of 2 SQLSaturday Sessions, at a Rehfeld Tech-Talk, on the 27th of november.

The event will take place 27/11 2015 from 15.00-16.00 at Rehfeld – Belgdamsvej 104 C and all you’re required to do, is to sign up by mail to Therese

Looking forward to see you all.


There are many new features in SQL Server 2016, but the one we will focus on in this session:

  1. SQL Server 2016 – Temporal Data Tables
  2. SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking

1: One of the many new features in SQL server 2016 is the built-in support for temporal data tables. This is a feature that many developers have been urging to have as a “out of the box feature” – and therefore many have developed their own ways of implementing the capability to store information about how data looked in a certain period of time.

What is a Temporal Data Table?

The concept of a temporal data table is that the table will hold information about a records value in any point in time – thus meaning that we easily can read from the table and get values that are not current, but merely a historical view of the record.

There will be many demo’s and script will be shown and shared.

2:  Have you ever been on a website, where your personal information, i.e. Social Security number or Credit Card number shown in clear text, ready for everyone to have a look at. Would it not be cool if your information was somehow masked by default, and not needed to rely on the application to mask the data before displaying it on the screen?

Let’s have a first look at this feature, and see how and where it is useful!

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