PASS Summit 2015

2015-11-02 13_26_18-MailWhoaa, what a week that last one, was attending Pass Summit for the second time, so no “First Timer” ribbon for me, but I met a lot of First Timers and helped them feel comfortable at PASS Summit15. And this is what in my opinion makes this conference a special one, we all take care of each other and try to help out wherever possible, hence the twitter tag #SQLFamily ;o) Continue reading →

Pre Pass Summit 14

20141106_000328000_iOS This is the week after Pass Summit 2014, and what have I learned, gained, experienced during Pass – well for starters I’ve meet a bunch of interesting people, sat through a whole lot of sessions, sessions that both inspired me and made me think about the way I implement solutions at my clients. Continue reading →

Pass Summit 2014 – Tips & Tricks

pass-summit-2014One of the greatest thing when attending a conference, is that you meet a lot people that instantly understands what you’re talking about. And during some talks and sessions, we tend to share tips and tricks.

One of the better tricks I’ve come across was shared today Continue reading →

Pass Summit 14 – Preconf (in progress)

Attending the preconf session Big Data: Deploy, Design, and Manage Like a Pro where Buck Woody (web), Adam Jorgensen (web | twitter) and John Welch (web | twitter) is doing their magic with Azure, HDInsight, PowerShell and everything in between.


Great questions from the attendees, and even greater answers.

Some keypoints from Buck is these, but I think they’ve always been relevant, but now even more in regards to Big Data.

  • Always ask the right questions
  • Never select the tech beforehand
  • Always select the TECHNOLOGIES after the questions have been asked and answered
  • Move 1TB data to Azure, DONT DO THAT
  • Send data i a trickle way, incremential data load

Powershell In A NutShell :

  • Scripting language
  • Based on Command Lets
    • Verb Noun
    • DIR becomes – Get child item
  • Variables always starts with a $
    • $Datasource
  • Everything is an OBJECT

John Welch is starting to talk about how to load data into your Azure storage, for this task we’re loading data from and

John has a tool to download the XMLfeed from Twitter and Linkedin, the data needs to be preprocessed on record at at time


  •  Text files need to be in UTF-8 no BOM
  • Records is delimited by newline
  • Formats
    • Several formats can be used
    • Delimited text
    • SEQ. File
    • RCFile / Optimized Column File


More to come