One danish municipality is setting their data free

As a followup on my post about spatial data, I just learned that one of the Danish municipalities is setting their data free. They have actually made a whole site for the datasets, here they explain the data, and what they can be used for and the best : data is available in just about any flavour.

I think that this is the way to do it, set data free, so as many startups, and established companies can get the best out of the data. The possibilities is endless, all it takes is a bright head some great ideas, and the time to develop the app, or what ever they dream up ;o)

The link to the site is and at the moment the following data formats is offered.

  • PDF (22)
  • KML (17)
  • xlsx (8)
  • HTML (6)
  • XML (5)
  • dwg (2)
  • docx (2)
  • TXT (2)
  • JSON (2)
  • CSV (2)
  • rss (1)
  • pbf (1)
  • osm (1)
  • mdb (1)
  • jpg (1)
  • XLS (1)

the number in () indicates the number of datasets available in that particular format.