Pre Pass Summit 14

20141106_000328000_iOS This is the week after Pass Summit 2014, and what have I learned, gained, experienced during Pass – well for starters I’ve meet a bunch of interesting people, sat through a whole lot of sessions, sessions that both inspired me and made me think about the way I implement solutions at my clients. Continue reading →

In exactly 1 week I’m at PASS Summit 14


In exactly 1 week from now I’m in Seattle for my first ever Pass Summit, and I for one cannot tell you how much I look forward to be there with all the amazing people from the SQL community. As it my first time there i’m planning to attend the different “firsttimer” events, as well as all the other events that’s part of this summit.

We’re 3 guys travelling together this time, 2 from Rehfeld and 1 from Mærsk (whom used to be at Rehfeld) – and instead of crashing each night at different hotel rooms we’ve rented an whole appartment via AirBNB.

It seemed as the smartest, and it’s actually cheaper than hotels, only downside, is that the houserules says “STRICTLY NO PARTIES” – gonna be a tough one to manage ;o)

I’m attending 2 full day pre conference workshops, monday and tuesday and I’m really excited to learn from the best – and even pick up some tricks for use in my own presentations at SQLSaturdays around europe.

I’m in the process of trying to plan my session schedule, but I assure you, it’s a tough task – trying to pick which one of the sessions that I can skip to go for another.

Well until sunday next week, have a nice week, catch me on twitter, maybe we’ll see each other in Seattle.


Flush DNS on iPhone

IMG_0663.JPGDuring the move of this blog from one hosting partner to another, I had the need for testing the site from my mobile, in this case an IPhone.

But no matter what I did and how long I waited after the DNS record was changed, I still got the old site! Now if it was an laptop running windows I would just have opened up an command prompt and run the following command.

Ipconfig /flushdns

But as you know, there’s no command prompt on an iPhone, so how do we manage to flush the DNS.

I thought that maybe turning the wifi off and on would do the trick, but no still the old site.

There is an option that flushes the DNS and that is so simple I almost laughed when I found it!

Just enable “airplane” mode on your iPhone or ipad and disable it again

Badabing, the new site was shown, instead of the old one, I hope you can use this little trick even though it’s not about sql server og databases.

Have a nice weekend