Do you commute?

For the past decade or so, I’ve been commuting to and from work in my little spaceshuttle (car!). Every day was the same, drop the kids off at school and then hit the highway, often together with like a million others whom had the same way of commuting. Every single one of us sat in our own little capsule and used diesel or gasoline, all the while there was plenty of room in the car for at least 3 fellow commuters. 

And when in the car, all you can do work wise is having a phonecall, which can be ok, but not that productive…

So as of April 1st this year, I decided to try and take the trains to and from work, and I must say it have been a relief. OK, the travel time is slightly longer, but I can be 100% productive while seated in the train (actually writing this Blogpost in route between Køge and København).

What is the basic needs for a fellow commuter who wish to work? 

Well here’s my list.

  • A lightweight laptop, I’ve got a Lenovo T430s.
  • 3G modem either as a USB stick or built in.
  • Headphones for listening to radio or talking over lync.
  • The ability to focus and not be distracted by fellow commuters.
  • Be diciplined about your work, have a list of things you have to finish on the commute.
  • Order an extra battery for the laptop, danish trains does not have power outlets.
  • Grab a cup of steaming hot coffee, and its even easier to drink it on the train than in the car ;o)


Well that was my list, I’m sure you can come up with even more, So feel free to comment, we might gain knowledge together.