Do not be a total show off

During an interview with a client, do not behave, as you are the center of the universe, or the smartest man in the room. Often it pays of to be a little bit humble about your skills and really listen to what the client actually tells you.

Latest I have tried this myself, when my colleague and I was at an interview at a large Danish company. We had one goal and that was to land the contract, and one of the many things we did, was to let the client do most of the talking, while we listened and absorbed every little aspect of their story. We were up against some rather well known competitors, and my belief is that we managed to deliver to the client that we actually could do the walk, and not only the talk.

To sum up, I would recommend the following.

  • Listen, listen and listen some more.
  • Take notes (for you own sake, and assures the client that you are serious).
  • Do not go on an endless rant about all the technologies you know about.
  • Talk smooth and slow about the various projects you have worked on.
  • Toss in a funny anecdote, which shows that you are not flawless.
  • Always show the client that you have understood their problems, and can act upon them.

All this actually resulted in contract, and that we landed the client.