In exactly 1 week I’m at PASS Summit 14


In exactly 1 week from now I’m in Seattle for my first ever Pass Summit, and I for one cannot tell you how much I look forward to be there with all the amazing people from the SQL community. As it my first time there i’m planning to attend the different “firsttimer” events, as well as all the other events that’s part of this summit.

We’re 3 guys travelling together this time, 2 from Rehfeld and 1 from Mærsk (whom used to be at Rehfeld) – and instead of crashing each night at different hotel rooms we’ve rented an whole appartment via AirBNB.

It seemed as the smartest, and it’s actually cheaper than hotels, only downside, is that the houserules says “STRICTLY NO PARTIES” – gonna be a tough one to manage ;o)

I’m attending 2 full day pre conference workshops, monday and tuesday and I’m really excited to learn from the best – and even pick up some tricks for use in my own presentations at SQLSaturdays around europe.

I’m in the process of trying to plan my session schedule, but I assure you, it’s a tough task – trying to pick which one of the sessions that I can skip to go for another.

Well until sunday next week, have a nice week, catch me on twitter, maybe we’ll see each other in Seattle.


CU 4 for SQL Server 2014 ready

sql-server-2014It’s a good day today, the release of Cumulative Update 4 for SQL Server 2014 will fix a lot of small and larger bugs.

Including the painfull one that task would shift to upper left corner in SSIS when resized.

Cumulative update package 4 for SQL Server 2014 (including update for SSIS) is available at

This CU release contains a list of bug fixes for SQL in general, SSRS, SSAS and SSIS.

For SSIS fixes:

FIX: Tasks shift to upper-left corner when you move or resize them while designing a maintenance plan in SSMS 2014

FIX: Error in SQL task with IsQueryStoredProcedure set to True when you use .NET Data Provider for Teradata in SSIS

FIX: SSIS 2012 or SSIS 2014 XML Source task cannot load data from URI

For SSAS Fixes:

FIX: MDX query returns no result when the cache is not cleared after you run a previous query in OLAP or tabular model

FIX: User obtains incorrect data when two users in the same security role run a client report in SSAS 2012 or SSAS 2014

SQL Performance Fixes:

FIX: A severe error occurs when you run a query that uses CTEs against the partitioned tables in SQL Server

SSRS Fixes:

FIX: Error when you print, print preview, or export the report to PDF in SSRS 2012 or SSRS 2014

For the full list look here

Flush DNS on iPhone

IMG_0663.JPGDuring the move of this blog from one hosting partner to another, I had the need for testing the site from my mobile, in this case an IPhone.

But no matter what I did and how long I waited after the DNS record was changed, I still got the old site! Now if it was an laptop running windows I would just have opened up an command prompt and run the following command.

Ipconfig /flushdns

But as you know, there’s no command prompt on an iPhone, so how do we manage to flush the DNS.

I thought that maybe turning the wifi off and on would do the trick, but no still the old site.

There is an option that flushes the DNS and that is so simple I almost laughed when I found it!

Just enable “airplane” mode on your iPhone or ipad and disable it again

Badabing, the new site was shown, instead of the old one, I hope you can use this little trick even though it’s not about sql server og databases.

Have a nice weekend

SQL Rally – Kevin Kline Microsoft SQL Server Internals & Architecture

In session @ SQL Rally Nordic, attending Kevin Kline’s session about Microsoft SQL Server Internals & Architecture.

Going through the engine in two ways, reads and writes.

ACID properties of Transactions – introduce some methods to clean up data after, say a deletion of an order.

Each one of these introduces an overhead in the relational database, due to the ACID properties.

If we decide to not have ACID operations in database, we have a really fast database engine, early in the days og MYSql there was no ACID properties. Neither in the NoSQL and facebook databsae engine have ACID, there is no need for these characteristics when we’re not handling money, when it comes to images and video’s there is no need for the assurance of the transactions.

Kevin walks us through the SQL enginge for a SELECT from a user:

  • TDS
  • Protocol Layer (SNI)
  • Relational Engine
    • CMD PArser
    • Optimiser
    • Query Executor


Campus Days 2013 – My abstract did not make the cut ;(

Unfortunately none of my abstracts for Campus Days 2013 were selected, so i’ll just hang in there and submit some more next year.

The speakers selected this year is quite a bunch, there are some of the best people in the business speaking about almost every aspect of BI and SQL. 2 of my collegues will be speaking of Hekaton in SQL 2014 and how to gain performance in the ETL flow by using HEKATON, that will be interesting to listen in on.

It is Jens Vestergaard (Blog|Twitter) and Rasmus Reinholdt Nielsen (LinkedIN|Twitter)


Have a look at the tracks, and other information about Campus days in Copenhagen – Click on the logo

SQL Server 2014 CTP1 ready to download

The day has arrived, during the night Microsoft have released SQL Server 2014 CTP1 for the community. My guess it that the server will be on heavy load during the next 12-24 hours ;o)

You’ll find the server at this link so head over and get at copy for yourself.

As always remember to install the server on a clean machine, and that the software is not supported for any production purposes.


Key features in this release is:

  • Project code-named “Hekaton”: “Hekaton” provides in-memory OLTP capabilities built into core SQL Server database to significantly improve the performance of your database application.  “Hekaton” is installed with the SQL Server 2014 Engine without requiring any additional actions and allows in-memory performance benefits without rewriting your database application. You can also increase performance of existing SQL Server applications without having to refresh your hardware.  “Hekaton” is easy to deploy and allows you to access the other rich features in SQL Server, while taking advantage of in-memory performance.
  • xVelocity ColumnStore:  xVelocity ColumnStore provides in-memory capabilities for data warehousing workloads that result in dramatic improvement for query performance, load speed, and scan rate, while significantly reducing resource utilization (i.e., I/O, disk and memory footprint).  The new ColumnStore complements the existing xVelocity ColumnStore Index, providing higher compression, richer query support and updateability of the ColumnStore giving you the even faster load speed, query performance, concurrency, and even lower price per terabyte.
  • Extending Memory to SSDs:  Seamlessly and transparently integrates solid-state storage into SQL Server by using SSDs as an extension to the database buffer pool, allowing more in-memory processing and reducing disk IO.
  • Enhanced High Availability
    • New AlwaysOn features: availability Groups now support up to 8 secondary replicas that remain available for reads at all times, even in the presence of network failures. Failover Cluster Instances now support Windows Cluster Shared Volumes, improving the utilization of shared storage and increasing failover resiliency. Finally, various supportability enhancements make AlwaysOn easier to use.
    • Improved Online Database Operations: includes single partition online index rebuild and managing lock priority for table partition switch, greatly increasing enterprise application availability by reducing maintenance downtime impact.



SQL Server 2014 announced

During TechED 2013 North America, microsoft annouced that the next version of SQL server would be named SQL SERVER 2014 release due later 2014. CTP will be available later this month, so better be ready to storm them MSDN servers.

Most of the new or enhanced features in 2014 is centered around the database engine and not much regarding BI, one might consider this a good thing, because of all the new BI features in SQL2012 and Office 2013.

Features many clients is just getting to know now.

So us BI consultants, developers and Account Managers will have a rather easy fall of 2013 and spring 2014 in regard to new features in SQL Server 2014. That said there is still heaps of new features that could be of interest for both DBA’s and BI developers, underneath here is the main new features.



BI value?


This feature will enable you to store your tables in memory, this can improve performance op to 10 times for existing applications, and up to 50 times if the application is rewritten with Hekaton in mind.

The betting company bwin have implemented in-memory on their system, the impact talks for it self.


It could prove to be of value for BI, instead of persisting Staging data in tables on disk, why not store them in memory?


SSD Caching

SQL server now lets you use SSD as an extension of memory, if the option is set SQL server will automatically cache data on SSD.

Could speed up lookup functions?

Columnstore Index Updatable

Columnstore index is now updateable, meaning the index no longer needs recreation , when new data arrives.

Will mean better performance.

Statistics enhancements

Statistics is now stored on partition level, and therefore maintained there.


Backup to Azure

Automated backup to Azure, sql server will automatically decide when to do a full or differential backup to Azure.


Azure Migration

Enables easy migration of existing  SQL databases to Azure via SSMS


Azure Log/data files

Allows you to have your Log and Data files located on Azure, while the SQL data base is located on-premise, this means storage price can now be even lower


Index maintenance

Indexes on a partition can be rebuild online.


Enhanced Query Processing

The query processor have been enhanced to speed up all queries.

Well, it could mean better performance!

Big Data resource management

Better resource management for Big data, closer integration to Windows Server 2012 storage engine, which in turn will provide better performance for Big Data

Big Data is in some way BI 😉

So all in all, the release of SQL Server 2014 is mostly for DBA’s and system administrators, and not that much for us BI developers. But then again according to Microsoft we will just have to wait 18 months for the next release, because that is the new release plan. And maybe there will be some goodies for us in that release, I have a few wishes ;o)

Sign up for notification of the CTP1 here

And learn more about SQL Server 2014 here: