SQLSaturday Portugal

CFHte8FVEAEmIZWThis weekend I was attending SQLSaturday Portugal both as an attendee and a speaker, I had a Hands-on Lab on the topic “Automatic deployment af Azure Big Data solution with Powershell”. A rather large topic for just 1½ hours, put I think the attendees had a good time and the room was packed. There was room for 16 in the classroom and every seat was taken, I need to get the exercises trimmed a bit, as there were too many and maybe a bit to complicated. The amount of exercises would fit a 3 hour session or perhaps a precon (well, I might consider that for another event).

A big thank to the truly awesome team from Portugal, who managed to get this event to be both educational and highly entertaining.

And also, it was great to meet some of the most inspiring people from the European SQL community, and learn from their experiences and even get at few tips and tricks for doing the presentations 😉

I will highly recommend everyone considering doing a speak, to submit for the new #sqlsatPortugal or the upcoming #sqlsatporto, as the team is who friendly and the spirit is amazingly high.

My slides and demo can be downloaded here


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