SQL Server 2014 CU5 Master Data Service Excel Addin

image This update was released yesterday, and it is a highly anticipated update, as it will introduce performance factor 4 in the Excel Addin.

This performance upgrade will come in very handy when working on larger datasets, and should speed the user experience up.

It is an update to the client tool, which the user installs on their local laptop, and not an update to be installed on the server.

It is possible to add an additional 2~4 performance improvement, but this has to be done by a administrator on the SQL server that hosts MDS, by turning on the server side dynamic content compression.

This is done by the following procedure.

    1. Open control Panel
    2. Click Programs


  • Click Turn Windows features on or off
  • Open Information Services
  • Open World Wide Web Services
  • Open Performance Features
  • Click Dynamic Content Compression


Doing this will result in the additional 2~4 performance increase.

You can download the update here

And remember to download the correct one, as there are two different ones, one for 32Bit and another for 64Bit. The MSI is backward compatible with SQL Server 2012.

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