SQL Server 2014 announced

During TechED 2013 North America, microsoft annouced that the next version of SQL server would be named SQL SERVER 2014 release due later 2014. CTP will be available later this month, so better be ready to storm them MSDN servers.

Most of the new or enhanced features in 2014 is centered around the database engine and not much regarding BI, one might consider this a good thing, because of all the new BI features in SQL2012 and Office 2013.

Features many clients is just getting to know now.

So us BI consultants, developers and Account Managers will have a rather easy fall of 2013 and spring 2014 in regard to new features in SQL Server 2014. That said there is still heaps of new features that could be of interest for both DBA’s and BI developers, underneath here is the main new features.



BI value?


This feature will enable you to store your tables in memory, this can improve performance op to 10 times for existing applications, and up to 50 times if the application is rewritten with Hekaton in mind.

The betting company bwin have implemented in-memory on their system, the impact talks for it self.


It could prove to be of value for BI, instead of persisting Staging data in tables on disk, why not store them in memory?


SSD Caching

SQL server now lets you use SSD as an extension of memory, if the option is set SQL server will automatically cache data on SSD.

Could speed up lookup functions?

Columnstore Index Updatable

Columnstore index is now updateable, meaning the index no longer needs recreation , when new data arrives.

Will mean better performance.

Statistics enhancements

Statistics is now stored on partition level, and therefore maintained there.


Backup to Azure

Automated backup to Azure, sql server will automatically decide when to do a full or differential backup to Azure.


Azure Migration

Enables easy migration of existing  SQL databases to Azure via SSMS


Azure Log/data files

Allows you to have your Log and Data files located on Azure, while the SQL data base is located on-premise, this means storage price can now be even lower


Index maintenance

Indexes on a partition can be rebuild online.


Enhanced Query Processing

The query processor have been enhanced to speed up all queries.

Well, it could mean better performance!

Big Data resource management

Better resource management for Big data, closer integration to Windows Server 2012 storage engine, which in turn will provide better performance for Big Data

Big Data is in some way BI 😉

So all in all, the release of SQL Server 2014 is mostly for DBA’s and system administrators, and not that much for us BI developers. But then again according to Microsoft we will just have to wait 18 months for the next release, because that is the new release plan. And maybe there will be some goodies for us in that release, I have a few wishes ;o)

Sign up for notification of the CTP1 here

And learn more about SQL Server 2014 here:



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