SQL Rally – Kevin Kline Microsoft SQL Server Internals & Architecture

In session @ SQL Rally Nordic, attending Kevin Kline’s session about Microsoft SQL Server Internals & Architecture.

Going through the engine in two ways, reads and writes.

ACID properties of Transactions – introduce some methods to clean up data after, say a deletion of an order.

Each one of these introduces an overhead in the relational database, due to the ACID properties.

If we decide to not have ACID operations in database, we have a really fast database engine, early in the days og MYSql there was no ACID properties. Neither in the NoSQL and facebook databsae engine have ACID, there is no need for these characteristics when we’re not handling money, when it comes to images and video’s there is no need for the assurance of the transactions.

Kevin walks us through the SQL enginge for a SELECT from a user:

  • TDS
  • Protocol Layer (SNI)
  • Relational Engine
    • CMD PArser
    • Optimiser
    • Query Executor


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