Spatial data, where can I download it

Spatial data, where is it?

Today I was working on some reports for a client, where shipments should be visualized on a worldmap. That is an easy task, as the data is already in a functional cube, så I just had to define a few datasets, and I was flying.

Then I had to get some spatial data to visualize the data on a worldmap, and the first few attempts at Google gave me a few options, and I tried a few of them. But some of the shapefiles was skewed in their polygons, so when i clicked on France for instance I got US, and the like.

I googled a little more and refined my search, and ended up on MapGallery of Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008 R2  on, where I found a fine collection of shapefiles, and *.rdl files with embedded spatial data. 


The above map is embedded in a report, and all I had to do was copy the object to my own report. 

And map the country codes from the dataset to the codes in the map.


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