Rehfeld Now Part of IMSHealth

rehfeldims_stor--300x92Yesterday everything went official, Rehfeld will now be known as “Rehfeld Part of IMSHealth” – I now have colleagues all around the Globe and not just in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

It is a new journey that we will embark on, one that I know can and will be interesting for both parts, we as Consultants  will get the opportunity to be part of projects that is cross-borders, we will be able to take advantage of a massive knowledge inside IMSHealth, and be part of a really large community – a community which work together to accomplish the best solution for our customers.

As the name suggest, we will be mainly in the Healthcare and Pharma business, as that is the area where both Rehfeld and IMSHealth are marketleaders. And by the way, it’s also one of the biggest data generators, so I for one looks very much forward to be part of IMSHealth and start working in a global organization.

For further information please look at or

Ohhhh and by the way – if you are a talented Project Manager and find this interesting, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are looking for 2-3 Project Managers right now.

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