has a new look

2015-04-20 12_27_27-Rehfeld _ RehfeldThe company that I work at, has a new look – a brand new website has launched today. We’re proud to reveal it to all our customers, future customers, employees and others that may find interesting information on the site. 

The new site should make it way more intuitive to find relevant information in regards to your challenges, no matter if you are a client or a future employee.

Have a look at it, and please give us feedback on both the design and content.

Update : A few people have pointed out, that their still see the old website, this is the well known  DNS problem, not all DNS’s are updated hourly.

A quick fix for this, is to open a CMD PROMPT and issuing this command “IPCONFIG.EXE /Flushdns” if on a windows.
For Ipads and Iphones the solution is to put the device into Flight Mode for a couple of seconds.


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