Pre Pass Summit 14

20141106_000328000_iOS This is the week after Pass Summit 2014, and what have I learned, gained, experienced during Pass – well for starters I’ve meet a bunch of interesting people, sat through a whole lot of sessions, sessions that both inspired me and made me think about the way I implement solutions at my clients.


One of the things that was most emphasized was the ability to automate and script everyday tasks – in one session the speaker showed us how to automate the most trivial task on a SQL server, using PowerShell. This is something that I will take home, and start using with my clients, or just for starters in our internal IT setup.


For instance, why would you use the GUI in Sql Server Management Studio to make Backups and restore of databases, when everything can be automated in about 20 lines of code. Furthermore, this is only one aspect of the many things that can be automated by using PowerShell.

Azure and HDInsight

In another session, well actually it was a whole day precon, the speakers walked us through the rather tedious task of creating a BIg-Data application on AZURE, using the GUI – it’s manageable but wouldn’t it be nice if everything was automated, as the point being with AZURE – is the ability to spin up an application / server park when needed.

With that in mind they then walked us through an PowerShell script that by using a configuration file, was able to setup and deploy a BIG-Dataa application on AZURE with only on hit of a button – F5 for execution.

The script would then automatically set up:

  • A new Storage Account
  • A new SQL server
  • A new SQL Database for metadata storage
  • A new HDInsight Cluster
  • A new Blob Storage
  • Upload data to the storage

All this would take about 10 minutes, during which, you as a developer could make something more meaningful.

After the deployment you had a setup with data, and you could now begin the interesting part of the project, namely querying the data in the HDInsight Cluster.

And the beauty of it, is that once you’re finished using the BIG-Data application on AZURE, you could remove it all, and deploy it later when the need arises.


As with any conferences, one of the most important things to remember is to develop your network, and by this I mean – Just do it, talk to people, be open, ask what they work is about, where they’re from, and then the talk will soon flow smoothly. That way you’ll see that  many have the same challenges as you, and many may even have solved them, and what better way to meet other people is there than to get a solution or maybe help a fellow SQL man/woman with a solution to their problems.

So don’t be shy, just throw yourself into the battlefield, and make friends and acquaintances from across the world.


Be on twitter, both during PASS and when home in your day job, stay in contact with the many people and “celebrities” you’ve meet during pass. Many times I’ve managed to sit across people that I know very well on twitter, but not in real life, just to suddenly realize whom they are. And likewise they’ve meet me like that. So the value of using twitter a few times a day is just mind-blowing.

Follow #SQLHelp as this is the way to get help from the best in the field, people will if they have the answer and time, often provide you with either a solution or at least a direction for a solution to your problem.

And after a while – just start help others, remember give back to the community, and your experience will be ten times better ;o) and the community will flourish.

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