Power BI for Free – Yes, you heard right

icon175x175 A few days ago Microsoft announced that the basic Power BI suite, currently available in Office 365 subscription, will be free to use in the future.

So, lets see what this will do for all the customers currently using Power BI and the ones still considering jumping on the wagon.

Power BI will come in at least two different flavours, the free version for small to middle corporations, and a paid service offering more corporate/enterprise  features. The good thing is that uses already using Power BI will start to save money, not only by the knowledge in the data, but right to the bone, as the service at the moment cost up to 33$ pr. month and a subscription to Office 365 Apps.

That means that users can spend their money on other stuff, and still get the knowledge in the data – which may lead to even more savings (it’s what’s BI is all about).

The new Poser BI service is able to extract data from a bunch of know sources, such as

  • Microsoft products
  • Salesforce
  • GitHub
  • Marketo
  • Facebook
  • Odata
  • Azure

And to top it all, Microsoft just released a new Power BI app for IPAD, currently available in preview from App-store, as well as a web-based edition. Later this year a version for iPhone will arrive, and I would not be surprised to see a Android and Windows phone version as well.


One could find it strange that the first version to hit the market is the IPAD, but I think it has to do with potential number of adopters in the market. Let’s face it, the dominant platform at the moment is iOS, so why not bet on that.

And what’s even more interesting is the news about Microsoft acquiring the company Revolution Analytics – this to boost the ability to further enhance Microsoft position in the Big Data Analytics segment. This is also a great nod to the open-source language R, now Microsoft is embedding it into their products, and I really hope to see the effects in their future products.

So head over to www.powerbi.com and start getting to know it.

Pricing and feature plans:

Plans available at general availability Power BI Free Power BI
9,95$ pr user/month
Data Capacity Limit 1 GB/user 10 GB/user
Create, view and share personal dashboards and reports x x
Power BI Designer for content authoring x x
Explore data with natural language* x x
Power BI mobile apps for iOS and Windows x x
Content packs for services like Dynamics, Salesforce, and SendGrid x x
Import data and reports from Excel files x x
Data Refresh
Scheduled Data Refresh Daily Hourly
Support for Streaming Data 10K rows/hour 1M rows/hour
Live interactive connectivity to data sources x
Data Management Gateway x
Share refreshable team dashboards and reports x
Create and publish customized content packs x
Use of Active Directory groups for sharing & managing access control x
Shared data queries through the Data Catalog x

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