PASS Summit 2015

2015-11-02 13_26_18-MailWhoaa, what a week that last one, was attending Pass Summit for the second time, so no “First Timer” ribbon for me, but I met a lot of First Timers and helped them feel comfortable at PASS Summit15. And this is what in my opinion makes this conference a special one, we all take care of each other and try to help out wherever possible, hence the twitter tag #SQLFamily ;o)

I was sent to the conference by my employer Rehfeld Partners – now part of IMS and we like to stay on the edge of new technology, and conferences is one of the ways we do that. When well back home in Denmark, the information and news I gathered from the many sessions I attended, will be shared with the rest of the organisation, at what we like to call Tech-Talks – many of these are as a matter of fact open to the public. So if you would like to gain new knowledge on Business Intelligence and SQL Server in particular, you should sign up for these. You find information on the meetings at the link above.

SQL Server 2016 is about to be ready to release, so naturally, there were many sessions on that topic, sessions that gave a little look into the features that is now i CTP and actually in public access. You can download your own copy of SQLServer2016CTP3 here.

Or you could just spin up a Hyper-V machine in AZURE with SQL Server 2016 already installed on it, I will write a blog post shortly on how this is done.

Of the many sessions that I attended, here is a little list.

  • Jason Horner (T | B) – Dimensional Modeling Design Patterns : Beyond the Basics
  • Torsten Grabs (B) – Building Elastic SaaS Applications with Azure SQL Databases
  • Rajesh Dadhia – Cortana Analytics Deep Dive : Big Data Stores
  • Jens Vestergaard (T | B) – Analysis Service and Custom Assemblies
  • Markus Ehrenmuller-Jensen (T | B) – My Favorite (Candy) Bar
  • Uwe Ricken (T | B) – Change Data Capture Case Study and Checklist
  • Mark Broadbent (T | B) – The NOLOCK Chronicles
  • Jason Thomas (T | B) – Memoirs of Building a 150 GB (and Growing) SSAS Tabular Model
  • Andy Leonard (T | B) – Use Biml to Automate SSIS Design Patterns

Ohhh and by the way I was also attending the PASS Summit 2015 as vice president of the Danish PASS Chapter, which meant that I had to attend several meetings during tuesday. Meetings where we as volunteers in the organisation get to have Q&A with the board, Q&A with global sponsors and get information that is relevant for our work at the chapters.

But wait there’s more, it’s just like a Kinder Egg ;o)

Also attended as an organizer of SQLSaturday Denmark, that free whole day event, that we in the community arrange and put together for the community. This event is fully based on sponsorships from our many, many good friends in the industry, no one mentions, none forgotten. likewise, we had meetings with PASS on tuesday, where we got our Q&A with the board of directors for the SQLSaturday community.

2015-11-02 13_23_03-summit15 - Twitter-søgning

Q&A at the SSQLSaturday organizer meeting

As always with a conference like this one, there are a lot of information to be digested, and once that is done, one have to get hands on with the various new features and inspirational new ways to use the Microsoft BI Stack. I for one will begin to look a lot at the Cloud, and also keep an eye out for the new features in Reporting services, as it seems that there is finally a roadmap, yep that is right, Microsoft have made a Roadmap for their Data platform which include Reporting Services – More on that in another post.



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