PASS Summit 2015 and SSIS on SQL 2016

2015-11-02 20_28_22-sql server 2016 - Google-SucheThere was one session in particular that was interesting, and as part of the SQL Server 2016 TAP  program, I was looking forward to see if we would get more that we already knew. The session was by Jimmy Wong ( B) Program Manager for the SSIS team, he had a good session and there was a few golden nuggets. And the list of features that will be in the coming release of SQL Server is rather long, – here is a little but rough walkthrough.

  • Templates, yes, you heard correct – there will be some sort of templates available in the next version, actually the templates is already in the current CTP3 just released a few days ago. This basically means that you can take all you best bits and parts from existing SSIS packages, and make them into a template, thus making further development so much easier. If you would like to read a bit more about it, Wolfgang Strasser (T | B) has already tried it out, read his blogpost on the subject.
  • Incremental package deployment, yep, that is correct as well – you can now choose which packages to deploy, and not being forced to deploy all of the packages in the project. This is a very neat little feature, taht should have been implemented when we got the project deployment method, but better late, than never 😉
  • Have you ever been deep in debugging or error exploration with a rather complex package? Then you might have been looking a lot for the name of the column that was errornous, that information is now in the flow, you get the ErrorColumnName – that one little feature we all have been waiting for.
  • And further down the road, we will get the ONE TOOL TO RULE THEM ALL, there is a tool in the works called OneDesigner, which will allow developers to work on various versions of SSIS in ONE tool – the plan is to support packages from SQL 2012 and ahead. The reason may have to do with the fact, that the XML for packages got a pretty big rewrite from 2008 to 2012.
  • There will be support for Always-On for the SSISDB, which was not the case before.
  • AZURE BIG DATA, there will be components allowing you to manipulate azure objects, such as creating HDinsight Clusters, Storagecontainers, Databases etc. etc.
  • Support for oData, it will be possible to consume data from REST API’s that delivers data in oData format, which is JSON.
  • EXCEL 2013, support for excel 2013 as datasource
  • The Balanced Data Distributor transformation, a component that earlier needed to be downloaded and installed seperately, is now part of SSIS

So, as you can see there is a few enhancements on the way for the SSIS developers – we have not been gifted with that many new features the last few releases – itøs about time we get some TLC from the SQL Team.

Looking forward to more info from Microsoft over the next few months.

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