That attribute bug in MDS will be resolved in CTP3.3

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Happy New Years to each and everyone ūüėČ

Just looked at the connect ticket for the MDS attribute bug I blogged about before christmas, and it turns out that the bug will be resolved in SQL Server 2016 CTP3.3

Posted by Nithesh [MSFT] on 12/22/2015 at 4:59 PM
The resolution for this issue will be provided in upcoming monthly release of SQL Server 2016 – CTP3.3
Great news.

Found a possible bug in MDS


UPDATE : Upvote the connect task

UPDATE : Tested on SQL 2016 CTP3.1

Today, working on Master Data Services 2014 (MDS) at a client, I ran into some strange behavior from both the MDS website and the MDS Excel Add-In.

For some reason there is a limit to the length on attributes in an entity, in my opinion there should not be limitations on the attribute length, as it should be up to the users to decide. Continue reading →

SQL NEXUS Call for speakers now live


Nexus noun ‚Äď ‚ÄúThat which unites or binds‚ÄĚ


What’s alive, yes months in the planning and collaboration between very skilled people and top of the notch companies:

We are proud to open our call for speakers, for the next generation data platform conference in Copenhagen.

There will be a one day pre-conference followed by 2 full days of breakout sessions, and the venue for the event could not be more optimal, as it will be held at Cinemaxx¬†in Copenhagen. It’s a cinema with the latest in Audio and Video, setting the most amazing stage for such an event.

We are in the process of finishing the pre-conference program, as I write this post, and the program will be released soon. The program for the 2 day of breakout sessions, is almost a blank sheet of papers, and we need YOU to submit your greatest abstract ever, and help us make this event even more spectacular than we hoped for.

So we urge all speakers local and from abroad to submit using our call for speakers page and we will wait at the mailbox for the abstracts.

If you feel like speaking at the event please go ahead and submit session(s) at our call for speakers page.

The website with more info and registration is on its way.

Useful links :
Call for speakers call for speakers page
Website :¬†(not ‚Äď completetly ‚Äď live yet)
Twitter handle: @sqlnexus

Stay tuned for more info about the event…and see you soon in Copenhagen

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – Hits Copenhagen

The Microsoft Cloud Roadshow is coming to Copenhagen March 3-4, 2016. Space is limited, so register today!

The Microsoft Cloud Roadshow is a free, two-day technical training event for IT Professionals and Developers that provides best practices and insight directly from the experts who build and run the cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Windows 10.

Thoughts on the meeting in SQLSUG tonight

51kvINuszQL._SY300_I had taken upon me the task to present the new feature in SQL 2016 called System_Versioned tables. This feature is a implementation of temporal tables, and gives the database owner, or application the ability to look at how data looked at a point in time. But this is not the point that I really want to¬†talk about, no the really cool thing about this nights meeting, is actually that I learned something that I didn’t know beforehand. Continue reading →

A farewell and a thank you

rehfeldims_stor--300x92Wow, it is now time for me to say farewell and thank you to a lot of good people, people I have come to know and love during the last 3 years. The reason for this is that I have chosen to resign from my role as Managing Consultant at Rehfeld – Part of IMS, not because I didn’t like it there, I just got an offer which was hard to refuse – and also felt that the time for a little change was needed.

I have to thank the owners of Rehfeld, Ditlev Moltke and Claus Rehfeld, for the opportunities that they have given me during my time at Rehfeld – Not short after I joined the team, they asked me if I would consider taking the role of Team leader. A task I politely refused, due to the fact that I had just chosen ¬†run for offices at Faxe¬†municipality, I didn’t get the seat at the office, and later they asked me again – and I accepted the task. A task that I really enjoyed, and actually got fairly good feedback on.

The time at Rehfeld have been really challenging, in a good way – I have worked with people and areas that were very new for me, especially in the Healthcare area, I was a novice, but I seem to have found my way around it. And have worked for several of the Danish Regions, both on projects and as a teacher for in house developers at the Regions.

It is also at Rehfeld my inner speaker/teacher got to unfold, Rehfeld let me take on the challenge it was to stand in front of a crowd and be the expert on a subject. That have brought me around europe and one time to NYC – where I have spoken of various topics, primarily on SQL server and Business Intelligence.

IMG_3308Oh, and I even got an award for the “Good Effort of the Year”, for helping the Rehfeld Academy get of the launchpad – here’s the diploma to prove it ūüėČ

But, now it is time for a change, and all I can say is – A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY AT REHFELD.

None mentioned, none forgotten!

A post on where I will work as of 1/1/2016 can be found here

New times ahead – will be joining Microsoft 1/1/2016

microsoft new logoThere are changes ahead for me, from 1/1/2016 I will be joining Microsoft Denmark. I will will be taking on the role as Data Solution Architect on Azure platform, a platform that is really on the change these years. The role will be primarily in advising the top 200 Microsoft clients in regards to their data platform, and how to bring Azure in play for their future data platform, I am looking very much forward to become a part of Microsoft.

I have always looked at Microsoft as a place that I would really like to work for, but never had the guts to send an application, when they had an opening. But this fall, I had the chance to connect with¬†Microsoft, and discuss the idea of a role as Data Solution Architect for me. We had lots of talks, lots of interviews and finally, a few weeks ago, the ink was on the paper. So now I am not only an Microsoft Fanboy, I am actually an Microsoft Employee – how weird is that ūüėČ

But that also means a farewell to my job at Rehfeld – now part of IMS¬†a job I have been in for almost 3 years, it’s been a really fun and teaching experience for me to been a part of Rehfeld, and it it with mixed feelings I leave them behind. But sometimes things need to change, and I had hit a point in my life where I felt the need for a shift in my career and Microsoft gave me the opportunity. Read more on my feelings about leaving Rehfeld here.