Updates to Power BI – share your reports

Yesterday the Power BI team released a new version of Power BI, which have included the most wanted feature ever.

The ability to share your reports outside your organisation, and easily do that. The feature was the most upvoted  on the Power BI forum, and it show very clearly that Microsoft and the Power BI team is listening to the end users.  Continue reading →

SQL Nexus – (post in Danish)

sqlnexusDa PASS har valgt at der ikke kommer til at blive afholdt flere SQL Rally, er der opstået et tomrum. Det ville betyde at der ikke rigtigt ville være andre decideret SQL Server events på Skandinavisk jord end brugergruppe møder og selvfølgelig SQL Saturday.

Det var der nogen i comunnity, der ikke kunne lade stå, så vi har sammen med Microsoft og med hjælp fra sponsorer, fået stablet en hel ny generation af SQL Server konference på benene: SQL Nexus, en konference der kommer til at løbe over 3 dage, 1 dag med pre-cons og 2 dage med break-out sessions. Det bliver et fantastisk program, mange lokale speakere og rigtig mange store internationale speakere. Ydermere er det en konference, der har fået Microsoft til at stille med de helt rigtige speakere fra Redmond og Program managers fra eks. PowerBI temaet og SQL Server gruppen. Continue reading →

SQL Server 2012 SP3 CU1 released

sql-option-aToday is the releaseday of SP3 Cumulative Update1 for SQL Server 2012, this update addresses 8 areas, where issues have been resolved.

These areas are:

BI\reporting Services
SQL Engine\Access Methods
SQL Engine\Core Security Infrastructure
SQL Engine\Distributed Query
SQL Engine\Query Execution
SQL Engine\Replication
SQL Engine\Search
SQL Engine\Service Broker
SQL Engine\Storage Management

You can read more at this Knowledgebase article and find the Update here.


SQLSUG meeting at IMS Rehfeld February 2

entity_imageThe next meeting in SQL Server User Group SQLSUG will be held at IMS Rehlfeld on February the 2nd

SQL Server MVP Erik Erik Ejlskov Jensen, will guide you through the Entity Framework, and how to use it for application developing and data modeling.

As this is a Hands-On lab, bring your laptop and get your hands dirty coding ;o) Continue reading →

That attribute bug in MDS will be resolved in CTP3.3

Hi there,

Happy New Years to each and everyone 😉

Just looked at the connect ticket for the MDS attribute bug I blogged about before christmas, and it turns out that the bug will be resolved in SQL Server 2016 CTP3.3

Posted by Nithesh [MSFT] on 12/22/2015 at 4:59 PM
The resolution for this issue will be provided in upcoming monthly release of SQL Server 2016 – CTP3.3
Great news.

Found a possible bug in MDS


UPDATE : Upvote the connect task

UPDATE : Tested on SQL 2016 CTP3.1

Today, working on Master Data Services 2014 (MDS) at a client, I ran into some strange behavior from both the MDS website and the MDS Excel Add-In.

For some reason there is a limit to the length on attributes in an entity, in my opinion there should not be limitations on the attribute length, as it should be up to the users to decide. Continue reading →