New Job (sort of) – Writing posts for

SQL-ShackToday marks a new start for me, as I have just gotten my first post published at

Milica Medic (T) from contacted me for about 2-3 months time ago, and asked if I would be interested in writing for them. I said yes of course, and I have spent the time writing a few posts, that I think would be of interest for more than just myself, my cats and dogs – so I hope you will be enjoying the reading in the future.

The first post is about a new feature in SQL Server 2016 – namely Temporal Data Tables.

A table design that enables you to keep track of data values over time, a feature that many developers and database users have implemented with their own code, but now it comes straight out of the box.

Go to sqlshack for a reading on the topic.

By the way, the next post is almost on the way in the mail, so stay tuned.

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