My first 30 days at Microsoft

microsoft-azure-bannerWhoa, time flies – I’ve already bee at Microsoft for a full 30 days. I feel like it was just yesterday i joined Azure Team in Denmark, but it has actually been 30 days. these 30 days have been filled with information, most of it under NDA, making it so much more interesting actually know whats going on, and not just being feed bits and pieces, when standing on the outside of the fence. The sheer amount of information is kinda overwhelming, and the ability to just ask a program group or program manager, and actually get an answer is just amazing.

Been assigned one customer to service as my primary, and as a Data Solution Architect, the future looks really bright, the client is on the move to go all in on Azure and it’ll be a game changer for both the client and Microsoft, so I am looking very much forward to doing business and advising them.

Actually this blog post is written at the clients office in UK, and this Saturday I will be travelling to Seattle to join the C + E Boot-camp for newly hired – and I am just amazed of the amount of investment Microsoft is doing is this team.

The team itself is just incredible, we’re like The Dirty Dozen, a bunch of guys and gals, each coming with a set of skills different from the other. We have people with 18 years experience from Oracle, 26 years from IBM, One from Terradata another from Redhat, so we cover various areas of expertise and together we have the ambition to make a shift in the Cloud/Azure market in Denmark.

I am proud to have been chosen to be one of the selected few, and be part of this team. Just in the last 30 days, I have learned a lot about Oracle, IBM and not least Open Source, information that I would not have found or even had the aspiration to go find a few months ago. And I am sure that the information and learning will continue in the future, just need to absorb it all.

So for the fist 30 days, I’ve been up to the following:

  • Internal training
  • Prepping slidedeck for workshops
  • Writing studies on security
  • Advising clients on best practices and how to implement them
  • Helping peers
  • Receiving help from peers
  • Gathering information (some would call it hoarding) 😉
  • Getting used to the way of work in Microsoft

Ohhh and one more essential thing, I have not filled out a single time report – and that is a real blessing.

So to sum it up, time flies and I am very much happy to have joined Microsoft.

And just to let you all know – we’re still hiring 😉

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