MVP Awards – just got a major overhaul

2015-10-07 21_19_40-Microsoft MVP AwardJust a few days after the MVP awards Oct. 1st. there have been a major overhaul on the way people will be awarded and recognizes the effort and contributions made. Microsoft have decided that MVP’s can be recognized for contributions cross technologies – meaning that everything you contribute is taken into consideration – I think this looks very promising for the future. The developer and IT Pro awards have been reduced from 36 areas to 10 brand new categories – but there is an underlying set of contribution areas of 90 , all being taken into consideration when nominated people is recognized or not.

We should look at this as an oppertunity and I bet it will work ;o)

Have a look at the categories underneth here, and read the full post from Microsoft here 

New Award Categories

The details of the new Award Categories and Contribution Areas, focused on Developer and IT Pro products and services, that were announced in October 2015 are as follows:

MVP Award Categories list 1MVP Award Categories list 2

Unchanged Award Categories

In addition to the above, the following Award Categories are carried forward from the previous award structure:

Unchanged Award Categories

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