Microsoft PowerBI for Iphone

icon175x175 Now we’re almost there, the PowerBI app is now available on both Ipad and Iphone – Microsoft is really working fast here. There is a plan for a Windows Phone and Android App in the future, and I know that the developing team in Israel is currently hiring for that platform.

The release of the Iphone app, gives users the possibilities to get data and KPI’s on the road – the app will be a major tool for all salesmen/women working in the field. Users can drill down through the various reports published to the dashboards.

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Data driven alerts
When on the road or otherwise away from the office, would it not be cool too get an alert when certain KPI’s changes – this is one of the many advantages of this app. The app allows you to set up alerts, which are datadriven, meaning that if a KPI either drops or rises – an alert is sent to the app, and the user can take action on the alert.

Share knowledge
If knowledge is discovered in the numbers, that should be shared with the rest of the organization – that is now an easy task, just pull the menu up and select how to share the knowledge.

Get the app
You can download the app from this link, and remember that Office for both Ipad and Iphone have been released as well – both free of charge.

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