Microsoft Big Data Hackathon – Copenhagen, Denmark

hackathonpicJoin us for a weekend of fun and hacking at the Microsoft big data hackathon – Copenhagen to hack for a good cause. Assemble a team, learn and share, and make friends as you solve real-world problems. Listen to talks on data science, big data, machine learning, and PowerBI.

DTU Skylab
building 373A
Kongens Lyngby 2800

Who Should Attend
This event is open to anyone interested in Big Data, BI and Data Visualization:

  • Data Scientists
  • Developers and Programmers
  • Data Architects
  • Anyone interested in learning about Microsoft’s big data technologies


Day 1. Friday, May 22 

  Time Activity
8:30 AM  Registration and Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome and Keynote
9:30 AM Presentations
12:00 PM Lunch and coding begins
6:00 PM Dinner and coding continues
11:00 PM Day 1 Ends

Day 2. Saturday, May 23 

Time   Activity
8:00 AM Breakfast
3:00 PM Coding ends and presentations begin
4:00 PM Winners announced and prizes distributed

Attendees should bring the following:

  • Laptop or tablet running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1
  • Microsoft Excel (please find Office 2013 trial version here)
  • A Microsoft Azure Subscription (sign up for a free trial here)

There will be supplied datasets which will be at the core of the challenge with two challenge areas:

  1. Data Modelling -> Can you find trends in the data?
  2. Data Visualization -> Can you find the best way to visualize the data?

Each attendee will receive $250 free cloud credit which can be used during the weekend. Register now! There will be prizes, free goodies, food and drinks, and loads of snacks. This is your opportunity to have a fun data science weekend while learning about Microsoft’s big data technologies and doing good for your fellow man. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Open Data

Open data isn’t just about publishing government data for citizen use. It’s also about creating value for governments. Gartneranalysts Andrea Di Maio and Rick Howard recommend that leaders open up data that improves internal decision-making and develop internal applications, such as mobile apps for employees, that increase productivity. Government efficiency also will improve through cross-agency data sharing, both between internal agencies and with other organizations. These broader ways of thinking about open data will help governments stay in the open-data game for the long term.

In recognition of Open Data Day, Microsoft is committed to leveraging Open Data. Join us….

We urge you to forge ahead in your efforts to open up your data. You’ll forward societal ideals like transparency and accountability—and reap significant economic gains.

Register for the event here.

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