Microsoft acquires Datazen Mobile BI

visual02Yesterday was a really good day for all doing Mobile BI on Microsoft BI Stack, as Microsoft acquired Datazen. Datazen has been in the mobile BI market for quite some time now and their product is really stable and delivers a great front-end for data in the any company.

My customers have all been a bit reluctant to invest in the Datazen suite,  due to the rather steep entry price – it cost 20.000$ annually, which for many customers are a lot of money – to be able to have data on their mobile devices. But the great news today is that Microsoft have made the Datazen suite freely available for customers already having a fully licensed SQL server. Here is what Microsoft writes on their site.

By clicking on the “Download” below, you agree that you hold a qualifying SQL Server Enterprise Edition License and that you will only use this software as long as you have active Software Assurance coverage

The above is from their download page for Datazen found here

As described in the image below, you can see that the Datazen server can connect to both SQL, OLAP and File, and I’m sure there will be more connectors in the future – Sharepoint, Tabular, Azure, etc. etc.

Users will be authenticated through Active Directory, and the front-end is available on most platforms.


I am sure this acquisition is made to enable customers, not ready to an 100% cloud-based solution, to have their data on-prem and still be able to have their users use data on mobile devices. The future looks really bright for Microsoft on their Business Intelligence stack at the moment, and it seems to be a product with 200% focus and willingness to invest.

Just in the last few months Microsoft have made a hand-full of interesting acquisitions, and I am convinced it is not the last we have seen of this.

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