My laptop is at the repair shop, what to do?

I recently got a new laptop, the renowned Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd generation – a most amazing piece of hardware. The laptop is so light and blistering fast, that I have not regretted opting for that one instead of the Surface Pro 4.

Well, all was good for the first 2 months, then one day when i took the power out, because I was of to a meeting, the laptop died on me. Just like that power went of, what to do, tried all the tips I found on the net, but to no avail.

Lenovo first responded quickly with next day onsite support, replacing the motherboard, but that didn’t fix the problem! The technician told me that is was a faulty battery, so he would be back the next day. Well, that is now almost 1½ months ago, so I’ve been having a laptop, that only works when plugged in, not really that sexy a thing.

The reason for this was, lack of batteries in europe! I believe they must have bigger issues when they are not able to supply a fresh battery in 1½ months time, or maybe Elon Musk is just draining the market for Lithium 😉

So now the technician have my laptop again, and for some reason the battery is now fixed, but now I am waiting for a new motherboard, again.

And here starts the real reason for this post, because how many of us could really go for a week without our laptop? I for one would not have been able to do that, were it not for my Smartphone.

I have the new Microsoft Lumia 950, and even though it have some flaws (lack of response, random restarts, usage as a pocket heater, dropped connections) it still have a feature that have saved my week so far. Combined with the Microsoft Display Dock, i have been able to maintain my work – using Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Skype, browser and working on my services in Azure. The feeling is “almost” as working on a real laptop, it can be a little slow at times, but I would rather have a slow “laptop” than be without for a whole week.

And working that intensively with Azure as I do in my job at Microsoft, all my work is stored in the Cloud (Azure), hence I have had no problems continuing on the tasks that I started before leaving the laptop at the repair shop.

So this is a real-world example of how an smartphone saved the week

PS. this entire post is written on this setup 😉

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