Campus Days 2013 – My abstract did not make the cut ;(

Unfortunately none of my abstracts for Campus Days 2013 were selected, so i’ll just hang in there and submit some more next year.

The speakers selected this year is quite a bunch, there are some of the best people in the business speaking about almost every aspect of BI and SQL. 2 of my collegues will be speaking of Hekaton in SQL 2014 and how to gain performance in the ETL flow by using HEKATON, that will be interesting to listen in on.

It is Jens Vestergaard (Blog|Twitter) and Rasmus Reinholdt Nielsen (LinkedIN|Twitter)


Have a look at the tracks, and other information about Campus days in Copenhagen – Click on the logo

Spatial data, where can I download it

Spatial data, where is it?

Today I was working on some reports for a client, where shipments should be visualized on a worldmap. That is an easy task, as the data is already in a functional cube, så I just had to define a few datasets, and I was flying.

Then I had to get some spatial data to visualize the data on a worldmap, and the first few attempts at Google gave me a few options, and I tried a few of them. But some of the shapefiles was skewed in their polygons, so when i clicked on France for instance I got US, and the like.

I googled a little more and refined my search, and ended up on MapGallery of Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008 R2  on, where I found a fine collection of shapefiles, and *.rdl files with embedded spatial data. 


The above map is embedded in a report, and all I had to do was copy the object to my own report. 

And map the country codes from the dataset to the codes in the map.