AzureCon – Free Online Azure Conference

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AzureCon – Free Online Azure Conference

Want to get up to speed on the latest news in regards to Azure, want to get more familiarized with use case scenarios with Azure, then you should register for the free (yep, 0 zero cost) event on September 29, 2015

Here there will be more than 60 sessions to choose from, all technical and straight to the core of using Azure. This means that you will get a quick introduction to most aspects in Azure, and will be more qualified to move your business to the Cloud. Today it makes more sense to have your infrastructure based in the cloud, instead of in the basement, you do not have to worry about next generation INTEL CPU, or will i run out of storage on my SAN – Microsoft datacenters is always on the latest technology, both hardware and software wise. This mean that you can focus on what matters, namely your business and not on somewhat boring infrastructure or upgrades on a SQL server, leave that to Microsoft.

So come join me and a others at this online conference.

Keynote Lineup is:

  • Scott Guthrie – Journey to the intelligent cloud
    • The cloud is helping business and technical leaders worldwide turn the digital disruption into their advantage. How can you do the same? Gain insights from organizations that are successfully transforming using the cloud, hear best practices first hand from customers, and learn about some of the latest Microsoft innovations—and enable your journey to the cloud.As executive vice president of the Cloud + Enterprise group, Scott Guthrie manages the engineering teams that build Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, System Center, Visual Studio, and .NET.
  • Bill Staples – Building apps with the intelligent cloud
    • Apps are key to transforming and growing your business. Apps define your customers’ experience, empower employees’ success, and underpin critical business processes. But, it can take time to show results. Hear from organizations about how building on the Azure application platform is accelerating their business transformation and driving rapid results.As corporate vice president for the Azure Application Platform team in the Cloud + Enterprise group, Bill Staples leads the engineering division responsible for the user experience, as well as the developer and application services, that make up the Microsoft public cloud platform.
  • T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan – Transforming data into intelligent action
    • Data is everywhere. It is generated by applications, by sensors, and by devices at a rapidly increasing rate. Capturing all of this data and transforming it into intelligent action can differentiate and change an organization. Learn how companies are taking advantage of data through the latest innovations on the Microsoft data platform in areas such as modern apps, Internet of Things, data warehousing, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and hybrid solutions.As corporate vice president for the Data Platform team in the Cloud + Enterprise group, T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan leads the engineering division that builds database and big data technologies, including SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure DocumentDB, and Azure Search.
  • Jason Zander – Infrastructure for the intelligent cloud
    • Microsoft Azure is built on a hyper-scale, hybrid, and trustworthy infrastructure platform that helps organizations add scale to their applications, be agile, and save money. Learn how businesses are transforming by evolving their IT strategy to take advantage of the Azure platform.As corporate vice president of the Azure Team in the Cloud + Enterprise group, Jason Zander leads the team that is responsible for architecting and developing core Azure technologies, such as compute, storage, networking, public cloud data centers, and engineering systems.

See more on and look at the entire agenda there as well


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