Another tech to my CV

APSJust last year I was send on training in Prague – the technology I was training myself in was Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) from Microsoft, now known as Analytics Platform System (APS). It was a very different approach to building datawarehouses, and needed me to think about data on a whole new level – and I had hoped to get to work with live data and a live scenario a few months earlier. But in Denmark there isn’t more than a hand full clients, with an PDW or APS in their server-room.

So when my colleague said to me that he had a APS project, that he could use some help with, I was like a little boy at christmas – when can we start? what shall we do? what are the scenario? When, Where, Whom (sorry cannot go into details about the client, but lets just say, that we have a lot of data 😉

We’ve now been working on the solution for a few days, and I am very eager to continue my further work and get even more knowledge about this very cool piece of hardware/software solution. I continue to be impressed over the amount of data we’re able to push though this setup, and how much better performance we are able to squeeze out of the appliance.

So with this said, I can now write APS on my CV, as I’ve been working on a real setup, and not just had the training.

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