A farewell and a thank you

rehfeldims_stor--300x92Wow, it is now time for me to say farewell and thank you to a lot of good people, people I have come to know and love during the last 3 years. The reason for this is that I have chosen to resign from my role as Managing Consultant at Rehfeld – Part of IMS, not because I didn’t like it there, I just got an offer which was hard to refuse – and also felt that the time for a little change was needed.

I have to thank the owners of Rehfeld, Ditlev Moltke and Claus Rehfeld, for the opportunities that they have given me during my time at Rehfeld – Not short after I joined the team, they asked me if I would consider taking the role of Team leader. A task I politely refused, due to the fact that I had just chosen  run for offices at Faxe municipality, I didn’t get the seat at the office, and later they asked me again – and I accepted the task. A task that I really enjoyed, and actually got fairly good feedback on.

The time at Rehfeld have been really challenging, in a good way – I have worked with people and areas that were very new for me, especially in the Healthcare area, I was a novice, but I seem to have found my way around it. And have worked for several of the Danish Regions, both on projects and as a teacher for in house developers at the Regions.

It is also at Rehfeld my inner speaker/teacher got to unfold, Rehfeld let me take on the challenge it was to stand in front of a crowd and be the expert on a subject. That have brought me around europe and one time to NYC – where I have spoken of various topics, primarily on SQL server and Business Intelligence.

IMG_3308Oh, and I even got an award for the “Good Effort of the Year”, for helping the Rehfeld Academy get of the launchpad – here’s the diploma to prove it 😉

But, now it is time for a change, and all I can say is – A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY AT REHFELD.

None mentioned, none forgotten!

A post on where I will work as of 1/1/2016 can be found here

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